Integrated Practice Management

The features in Record Keeper Pro enable any organization large or small to seamlessly integrate all of the tasks necessary in keeping a practice in business.  Instant web accessibility means you no longer have to worry about physically writing notes or spending time calculating billing and invoicing.  All the features that any business require are built-in and work together. 

Medical Record Keeping/Access Anywhere

Thanks to the internet and web technology, professionals in the field or working with clients/patients can access records anywhere there is connectivity.  Any web 2.0-enabled device can connect and log into to the system, providing  an immediate way to remotely update records and keep up with all of the organization's activities without having to visit the office!

Form Customization and Generation

Record Keeper Pro is not just software, but a service in which we produce the records needed by the clients built to their specification.  We can create the workflow your organization require to keep business moving as well as integrate them into other subsystems like billing or invoicing.  Since you decide how the forms will look, you can be sure that they will stay consistent it any regulatory requirements too! 

Integrated Invoicing/Billing :)

Record Keeper Pro eliminates the need to manually calculate invoicing and billing because the forms can be tied to any situation your insurance or employee tracking scenario requires.  Employees can immediately see their current billing in their login dashboard and billing and salary breakdown can be issued to the administrative staff.  Hours of work are saved because the hours entered in the field by the therapist are automatically recorded, calculated and stored within the system.

User/Administrator Role Customization

Full access control gives administrators the ability to create roles and only allow certain individuals to operate in only sections they require.  Maybe you have a therapist who needs certain forms, maybe you have a case worker who needs a group of another.  Role customization features give each of the users a customized experience and ultimately keeps business moving forward.

Personal Information Control Panel

The personal information control panel is a dashboard with allows and at-a-glance ability for users in the organization to get the information they need.  Information bits include organization news, scheduling,  billing hours, invoicing, support access and more.


Record Keeper Pro has an internal calendar which allows a complete view of scheduling within the organization.  This is particularly useful in collaboration and coordination of working shift and appointment changes

Software Support

Data Export Services

Need access or transport of your documents and data?  We can provide access to your data anywhere in the world it's needed in the case your organization needs to backup or move the data to another system. 

Archive Services

Record Keeper Pro provides archiving service in the case your practice goes out of business or restructures.  Ask how our archiving service of your medical records in Record Keeper Pro can work for you!

HIPAA Certification/Training

Record Keeper Pro conforms to HIPAA standards.  Along with HIPAA compliance, Record Keeper Pro offers a training program for organizations and their staff in HIPAA related to Electronic Medical Record Keeping.  Our staff can also perform site visits and security evaluations.  Schedule a visit from us today!

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